Bruce Knipe's Home Page

Most personal web sites have a picture of the author and some kind of bio, so I've included links to both on this page. Then of course we need a picture of my beautiful wife Helene.

I also feel there should be bookmarks for both Bruce and Helene so we have access to them wherever we might find ourselves.

Both my wife Helene and I own a number of companies that are listed in the table below along with a couple of other web sites that contain photographs that might be of interest to the reader.

List of related web sites:


BK Software Inc.
568289 British Columbia Inc.
Pictures P to T
Pictures U to Z

For anyone interested in our on-line photo collection we have about 100 megabytes of files for your perusal. For instance we have photos from the fall of 2000, the summer and fall of 2001, fall of 2002, plus the photos from our trip to Toronto in June of 2002 that are contained in 3 pages, a to m, p to t, and u to z. Finally, we have pictures from Pat Richard's and Anne Lewandowski's Wedding on Whistler Mountain in January 2003.

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